How to Premium Your Cheap Base Model in Three Easy Steps

Life is all about image, right? Well maybe not but if you are shallow enough and believe that beauty is only skin deep there are three easy steps to premium your base model vehicle on the outside that work wonders.


(1) Tint them windows. Not only is tinting freaking sweet, like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker had some weird fast and furious baby that drifted out of the womb but it will also keep you cool on those annoyingly bright summer day. Ugh… I hate the sun. Now, I’m not talking illegal limo tint on all side including the windshield but take look at what is legal in your state, or better yet check out the higher models of your car and go from there. Get a mild tint on the front and a darker hue on the rear windows to up your premium game. Just do yourself a favor and pay someone to do it. A good shop for a base tint (not ceramic or anything special) on a SUV will run you about $200-$300.


(2) Accessorize! My favorite color is chrome. Not really. Don’t go using chrome door guard strips to fill every body panel gap. That’s just horrible. Why would you want to highlight the line between your hood and front fenders? You can nab trim pieces from wrecked higher model versions of your car. Given that automakers no longer switch up trim every year you can usually find pieces over a good 5 year run of your models range. Check out grilles, chrome insets on or around the windows, accents on the lower doors/bumpers and a STOCK spoiler. Grilles and various trim pieces can be had for about $100 combined and are generally easy to swap out. Live in a fog? Get those extra lighting accessories that your car originally lacked. Fog lights and upgraded headlight housings. This should also be a DIY and depending on your make can run a couple of hundred bucks. OEM or “OEM like” is key, nothing says I’m a wannabe like chicken mesh grille insets.

(3) Wheelie bro! Get on that list that Craig built and pick up some OEM wheels. OEM by the way is original equipment manufacturer. Swap out those 15 or 16 inch steelies with hubcaps for a set of 17 inch alloy wheels (you call them… shudder… “rims”). There is always some jagoff out there putting 22’s on his brand new Altima looking to offset the cost by selling stock 17’s with brand new tires. Strike up a deal on a smashed up GTI to upgrade those shoes on an S model Jetta, just be sure they aren’t bent. Depending on your haggling skills you could look at anywhere from $200 and up.

The most important thing, and the only out of stock realm procedure here, is to debadge your car. It gives the ass end a smooth, nice look. I’ve personally done all of these to my base VW Sportwagen and it does a world a difference. You have to love your car and I did, but this made me like looking at it better even more. I’ve still got my stock seats and radio but with the level of quality in base models (at least in a VW) I’m still rolling with my tail heated and Bluetooth streaming.

I like white VWs…


Why Does Your Toyota Smell Like a Fart?

We are back! And-as you can tell by the title of this article-with quality content!!! YES! Three exclamation points. Get on up Racers it’s sulfur surfing time!

It was 2004 and I had just enlisted in the service. Like most I was wide eyed and full of optimism. Scratch that I was cynical, probably more cynical than I am now. But I knew one thing for sure. That Toyota, when the driver slams the gas pedal… well it smells like a fart.


A rancid, hardboiled egg fueled pants crusher of bodily gas expulsion.

One of my military brothers (for those of you who haven’t served everyone becomes like one big family so you are essentially brothers. It’s a weird dynamic but you really just can’t understand unless you’ve been in) had a 2004 4Runner. It was the first time I’d seen a touch screen radio and navigation. It had true 4 wheel driver. The back window rolled down like an old Suburban. It was great. What wasn’t great… we were in southern Virginia and it gets hot. He was from South Cak-o-lacky and I was from PA. Needless to say if he was driving the AC wasn’t cranked like us carpetbaggers prefer.

Cruising down the highway with the windows down and fighting beach traffic would result in multiple mashes of the pedal. I noticed the sulfuric secretion quite a few times before I correlated it with his right foot. Promptly I asked, “Why does your car smell like ass when you accelerate?” To which he replied, “It has something to do with how Toyota builds their catalytic converters.” As the years passed I’ve been stuck behind many-a-meandering Camry (with the tell tale dent in the rear bumper) and Highlanders parked in the left lane. After my coaxing of them to “f@#*ing go” I receive that unpleasant aroma from the tail pipe just ahead of my hood.

Sulfur. Like a wet dog fart mixed with paper factory. Damnit Toyota what the hell is wrong with your ass!?


I decided that research-real scientific type shit-must be done! The folks over at Bill Penney Toyota were first on my hit list from the Google-machine. In an article aptly titled “7 Car Smells and What They Mean” the number one smell is rotten eggs. Funny thing is they claim this could be indicative of a “costly” repair. *Note they want your monies* But like my brother stated it is the catalytic converter, with one major exception, they say it needs to be replaced.

You see, “The catalytic converter is a crucial part of your exhaust system because it takes this by-product and converts it into odorless sulfur dioxide. If you start smelling rotten eggs when your car is running, your catalytic converter needs to be replaced.” Additional articles and blog posts followed.

People asked, “Why does my car smell like rotten eggs?” and “My boyfriend dumped me because he thought I was dutchovening him in the car” or “It won’t stop smelling” and “It made me rip my nose from my face and cry against the steering wheel before diverting the car into a bridge embankment.”

I may have embellished…

Now I’m assuming they are referring to if you smell it in the cabin… not so much for all the other poor bastards behind you. I can honestly say in my 33 years of being I’ve only ever noticed this on 2000+ model year Toyotas. Maybe they need to face the fact… man you guys just smell. You are literally the beige wearing smell kid at school. But hey, you are dependable. Always there, smelling like ass to get the job done!

Sound off Racers… have you noticed this smell on anything besides a Toyota?

2017 Spillout VW Show and Swap Meet

Welcome to our first post covering an auto show. Naturally since it was Matt who went it was a #VW show. Texas can be hot, but they always know how to car show… specifically under a large pavilion at “Traders Village” which is a gynormous flea market in southwest San Antonio.

Those are just four pictures of about 300 available here! Much thanks to my #GooglePixel for the amazing photos!


Goodbye for now… or as the Germans say “tschuss!”

The Phantom Menace Redux

In the previous post I talked about stumbling across a #BarnFind #craigslist ad that simply stated “1973 Volkswagen.”

I shot off an email and got a text response from the owner’s daughter, Hannah. Hannah was very nice and we talked a good deal about her father’s collection and what he had acquired over the past 27 years. She was nice enough to send me pictures of some of the collection as well as the 73 #Volkswagen. The car in question ended up being a 1973 #SuperBeetle in running order but missing the windscreen.

Alas, the mystery is solved but man I would love to see inside that barn!

The Phantom Menace

If you are like me and love cars, which if you are on this page you probably are, then you spend a fair amount of the day looking at craigslist for that rare gem that everyone else misses. Honestly it is an addiction.

Today I came across an add titled “Warehouse full of #barncars.” Yeah, that is getting a look-see.

My search thread was simply “VW” so I was excited to know what they had. Inside there was a list of 11 vehicles ranging from early 90’s Camaros to 40’s Plymouths. Now kids Plymouth was a division of Chrysler and has quite a history… look it up. Back to the #VW. Number 9 was simply listed “1973 VW, Vehicle runs.”

Consider my interest queued up. I HAVE to know what this car is. It could be anything. Logic says if they did not ID it as a #Bug or #Van it could be a Type 3, a Ghia, a Thing, A 411/412… or best yet given the location in Texas maybe some rare thing from south of the border. And i’m not talking TacoBell here Racers. Needless to say I fired off an email and am awaiting with baited breath as the add has only be up a day.


The American Microcar Company You’ve Heard Of But Didn’t Know Existed

Have you been to Wal-Mart Target recently? Well if you have been, as you stroll through the electronics “zone” you may have come across some fantastically over-retro turntables. They come in all shapes and sizes. In the early to mid 2000s you could still buy a combo that included a cassette tape. Note: for all you youngsters our there a cassette tape is what we had before CDs, it was plastic and had spools of magnetic tape that would bind up out of love. Oh, and CDs are what we had before MP3s… which is what we had before the iPod.


this is that thing you saw in Guardians of the Galaxy

Joking aside these wonderfully fantastic retro boxes are made by Crosley. You might say, “Matt, this is a car page. Why are you talking about record players?” Well, if you shut it I’ll tell you.

Crosley, it turns out, has been around for a very very long time. Since 1916ish to be exact. If you haven’t guessed where this is going yet then, well, I don’t know… but they used to build cars. Small machines to be exact. Micromachines if you will.


1939 Crosley

The man behind all of this was Powel Crosley, an avid automotive enthusiast and runner up for the 1920 National Best Last Name as a First Name Award. There as an entire back story about Powel that you can brush up on via the Crosley Automobile Club’s website where the majority of this information is gleaned from and I thank them. Suffice to say Powel endured quite a number of failures – four to be exact – in his automotive endeavors before switching over to accessories and radios. It turns out radios were his ticket and soon he was rolling.

You can thank Powel and his company for many innovations in radio and appliance history. My personal favorite is the shelves in the door of the refrigerator. Since everything in the early 20th century had to have a catchy name, think Hydromantic and the like, this fridge was called the “Shelvadore.” All of Powel’s early efforts in the automotive industry were relatively expensive. His years in the radio business taught him that people will always want high quality, affordable products.


1946 Crosley CC with Powel in the Fedora (a fedora is the Indiana Jones hat)

The American micro-car was a non-existent segment in 1937 when Crosley began its experimentation. Early micro companies folded in the mid 1920’s amid pressure from better products like the Model T. The last surviving micro car company was Bantam, known for the Jeep, which died once the US Government awarded the contract for the Jeep to Willys and Ford. Sick burn.

Production was in full swing in 1939 but as with most automotive upstarts production was plagued with issues and the onset of World War II only exacerbated the fact. Pre-war production is recorded at a respectable 5,757 vehicles.

During the war years a micro-Jeep had undergone testing and was ordered for production but lost its appeal during field testing due to the underpowered 13 hp engine. Known as the Pup and weighing less than 1200 lbs the idea was it would be easier to handle in mud. The original military Jeep as we know it wasn’t exactly huge. Can you imagine how awesome whipping around a field in a micro-Jeep would have been? Consequently, the small, lightweight car was a big hit during the war years due to rationing.

Crosley, post war, is where the car really came into its own. From 1946 till its end in 1952 the Crosley enjoyed innovation and success. Overlooked for technological firsts including discs brakes and overhead cams they were true innovators in their day. Things we missed in an American auto industry dominated by the “Big 3” which produced more of the same and backhandedly crushed innovators like Tucker. Crosley simply failed to grow, literally, with the public’s demand for bigger cars. The “Great America” as we entered the fifties demanded bigger cars with big engines. A Crosley this was not. Navigate to the Crosley Automobile Clubs website above for a more in-depth look at the postwar cars and innovations.

Crosley peaked in 1948 with production numbering 27,707… 23,000 of which were wagons. For the record, I love both wagons and little cars. Did I mention they made wood paneled cars too? In total from 1939-1952 Crosley produced a recorded 93,436 vehicles that included roadsters, trucks, wagons and sport utility vehicles.

I urge everyone to research Crosley more! Chances are this isn’t the last time I write about them but there is a plethora of sites online that have fascinating information on this forgotten technological marvel. Many thanks to the Crosley Automotive club for much of this information.


1952 Crosley Super Woody Wagon



1952 Farm-O-Road




The #Bugatti

If you’ve been living under an automotive rock then you don’t know Bugatti is working on the #Veyron successor. A successor called #Chiron.

You may be unfamiliar with the name Chiron, however, it is a title assigned to the top #centaur amongst centaurs. The Chiron was the most wise and the most just of all centaurs. He was a centaur among centaurs. How many times can I say centaur. Well… Centaur.


Now if you’ve grown weary of Greek mythology let us speak of automobiles. Let us speak of Bugatti. Bugatti is an automobile company founded in 1909 by an Italian living in a French region that is arguably Germany. If that history doesn’t sum up the pantheon of European automotive style, performance and reliability then I don’t know what does. Bugatti is known for one thing: making really expensive, really fast and really weird looking cars. I shouldn’t say weird, I should say unique. In fact at first glance most dismiss it as some one-off, crazy looking concept. Thing is it isn’t. It looks like a concept but that’s how Bugatti’s always look.

But as kooky as the car may look and as crazy as the car may cost its nothing new. People claim the Veyron was “Evolutionary.” They stand on mountains and proclaim it. Rappers rap… or is it wrap?… about it. Automotive journalist swoon over it. But I’m here to tell you the Veyron wasn’t evolutionary. It wasn’t new. In fact it is the exact opposite. The Veyron, when it came to market in 2005, represented one of the oldest ideals in automotive development. Make a big car with a huge engine that can go faster than anything else. Sure there may be new technology stuffed in there to make it happen but it is nothing like the #McLaren #P1, #Porsche #918 or the #Ferrari #LaFerrari (which translates to The Ferrari The Ferarri… centaur.)

The Veyron was straight, raw, gasoline fueled haberdashery. It wasn’t a hybrid like the Ferrari Ferrari or the 918. It relied on age tested principals… add a shit ton of cylinders and hold on for your life.

The Chiron… it’s the same but just more of it. The overall design echoes the Veyron but since the new car is acres better it’s the new top dog. Errrrr, new top centaur.

It is the Chiron.


This beast is so fast tires don’t exist that contain its raw displacement fury. This beast is so fast it’ll make you feel like you have a second set of legs. Heh, get it? A centaur. I swear that is the last centaur comment.

Honestly though, with the evolution of vehicles and the new hybrid drivetrains delivery neck snapping performance I’m in awe. Bugatti is still producing some the most badass cars using the technology and ideals dating back to 1909.

Who knew in 1909 that an Italian living in a French-German disputed region would make you feel like a Greek mythology over 100 years later!?



That being said Bugatti better best behave… they don’t want to be the centaur of attention. Or do they?