Why am I cautiously optimistic about the new Ghostbusters?

When the news first dropped of how the new Ghostbusters movie would be handled I was pretty upset. I am a male, and sometimes I pig out on burgers, but that doesn’t mean it was a gender issue. Since 1992 I waited eagerly, patiently for a Ghostbusters three-quel… in fact in 1992 the term reboot didn’t even exist for films.


I spent many a day following early internet media outlets that covered the “inside track” on movie news soaking in any tidbit of information on Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Batman and Jurassic Park. I was your average, overweight 90’s kid. Raised on MTV, Blind Melon and Nirvana. Eating up Ren and Stimpy… and all I wanted was another damn Ghostbusters movie.

All of a sudden it is 2015 and BOOM, Sony gets hacked and they fudged up Spiderman royally. They need cash and to save some serious face, more face than Travolta and Cage combined. After years of failed drafts, they do something drastic and the world reacts… badly. I too was unimpressed. This was not the movie I had waited over 20 years for. We didn’t want/need a reboot we needed our boys back.


I was skeptical, the news reports coming out of production and the social media negativity didn’t help. I withheld judgement and tried to ignore all the sexism ramp up as much as possible and kept my mouth shut… mostly so I didn’t get labeled as sexist. The few instances I made a comment, any comment, toward the film I was quickly rebuked with claims that I didn’t understand, I was ignorant and repressive. Perhaps you all didn’t understand me… nor take the time to. My comments always rested upon the “wait and see” mentality and that I was just disappointed the original universe was being redone instead of extended and the characters I loved as a boy were being exterminated. No matter how many times I tried to make that argument I was assigned an unfavorable label so I just stopped.

Then the trailer dropped. I was confused.


What are these references to the original? Is this a continuation? Clarification was quick and swift… the guy in the PR department was blamed. Another trailer dropped.

Visually I enjoyed the trailer and the talent seemed well fit for the comedic side of busting ghosts. I was a little leery about the tone of the movie. The comedy of the originals were very subtle and dry requiring attention and wit.

I’ve not been privy to a prescreening but I know now most of the original cast has both seen and enjoyed the new film along with reported cameos. This eases my mind. So why am I cautiously optimistic?

After seeing the first trailer I felt nostalgic, the subsequent follow ups only cemented this feeling. But I am cautious. We have all been burned before. Nostalgia alone cannot make a movie. The Phantom Menace was just that a menace that toyed with my emotions. I wanted, badly, to love the new Star Wars and it just never moved me the way the old ones did. The way I felt when I left the theater after Jurassic Park. The way I feel every time I watch the two original Ghostbuster movies.


So I’m cautiously optimistic. The trailer reminds me more of the cartoon than the original movies and that’s fine. The humor is there… not the style of the original, more random and outgoing and I hope that works. I pray that works. I really want this to be good… but in an effort to avoid the same soul crushing feeling of 1999 I’m going in more cautious, more guarded. As an adult I have childhood memories of playing Ghostbusters, watching Ghostbusters, wanting to be a Ghostbuster. It’s a dangerous game to mess with one’s childhood memories.



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