Review: So I saw the new Ghostbusters movie

Alright hang with me here I’ve never reviewed a movie before. Well, at least not in written form. Those who know me are quite aware I judge movies all the time. Am I qualified? Probably not. Are you still reading this right now? That’s up to you.


I wrote previously how I was cautiously optimistic about the new movie. My hopes weren’t high but they weren’t low either. After all this is Ghostbusters. It’s freaking sacred.

Unlike most movie reviews I’m keeping this one short. Honestly all of them are way too long. Nine times out of ten people scroll right to the bottom and grab the score so let me introduce you to my four point system:

  • Should you see this movie: Yes
  • Should you wait till it’s on video: Maybe. Unless you’re a ghost head wait for the VHS.
  • What was good: The girls owned this movie especially Kate McKinnon. There were good laughs and Chris Hemsworth nailed his foil role.
  • What wasn’t so good: The story started out promising and fell flat at the end.


Score: 7/10


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