The #Bugatti

If you’ve been living under an automotive rock then you don’t know Bugatti is working on the #Veyron successor. A successor called #Chiron.

You may be unfamiliar with the name Chiron, however, it is a title assigned to the top #centaur amongst centaurs. The Chiron was the most wise and the most just of all centaurs. He was a centaur among centaurs. How many times can I say centaur. Well… Centaur.


Now if you’ve grown weary of Greek mythology let us speak of automobiles. Let us speak of Bugatti. Bugatti is an automobile company founded in 1909 by an Italian living in a French region that is arguably Germany. If that history doesn’t sum up the pantheon of European automotive style, performance and reliability then I don’t know what does. Bugatti is known for one thing: making really expensive, really fast and really weird looking cars. I shouldn’t say weird, I should say unique. In fact at first glance most dismiss it as some one-off, crazy looking concept. Thing is it isn’t. It looks like a concept but that’s how Bugatti’s always look.

But as kooky as the car may look and as crazy as the car may cost its nothing new. People claim the Veyron was “Evolutionary.” They stand on mountains and proclaim it. Rappers rap… or is it wrap?… about it. Automotive journalist swoon over it. But I’m here to tell you the Veyron wasn’t evolutionary. It wasn’t new. In fact it is the exact opposite. The Veyron, when it came to market in 2005, represented one of the oldest ideals in automotive development. Make a big car with a huge engine that can go faster than anything else. Sure there may be new technology stuffed in there to make it happen but it is nothing like the #McLaren #P1, #Porsche #918 or the #Ferrari #LaFerrari (which translates to The Ferrari The Ferarri… centaur.)

The Veyron was straight, raw, gasoline fueled haberdashery. It wasn’t a hybrid like the Ferrari Ferrari or the 918. It relied on age tested principals… add a shit ton of cylinders and hold on for your life.

The Chiron… it’s the same but just more of it. The overall design echoes the Veyron but since the new car is acres better it’s the new top dog. Errrrr, new top centaur.

It is the Chiron.


This beast is so fast tires don’t exist that contain its raw displacement fury. This beast is so fast it’ll make you feel like you have a second set of legs. Heh, get it? A centaur. I swear that is the last centaur comment.

Honestly though, with the evolution of vehicles and the new hybrid drivetrains delivery neck snapping performance I’m in awe. Bugatti is still producing some the most badass cars using the technology and ideals dating back to 1909.

Who knew in 1909 that an Italian living in a French-German disputed region would make you feel like a Greek mythology over 100 years later!?



That being said Bugatti better best behave… they don’t want to be the centaur of attention. Or do they?


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